88 Days To Any Goal How To Create Crazy Success Fast

Simon Angatia

“Having hosted world leaders and the most successful
people in the world on my stage for two decades, I can
tell you that Dr. Rollan’s 88 Days to Any Goal masterfully
explains the essence to achieving greatness.”
—Peter Lowe, founder of getting Motivated Success Seminars
“88 Days to Any Goal is more about creating life-changing
habits and patterns that will help you think and act like a
winner than it is about achieving goals—though that will
often be the end result. Dr. Rollan Roberts II uses personal
experience, anecdotes, and common-sense perspective
that will transform your mindset about yourself and provide
the confidence and belief that you can accomplish amazing
things and build a worthwhile legacy that will enrich your
life and your world.”
—Gene Fedele, entrepreneur, publisher, author
“Doing the right thing, putting in the work, defying the
odds, and having the faith is what 88 Days to Any Goal is
all about. 88 Days to Any Goal was inspiring and shows the
power of what a great strategy can do for entrepreneurs
and companies to achieve success.”
—Alexandru Barker, Executive Director of Liberty
University’s Center for Business and Entrepreneurship

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