Make Money Online Fiverr Complete Step Bystep Guide To Make A Full Time Income

Simon Angatia

Chapter 1: What is Fiverr? Some Basics
to Understand
Chapter 2: Why Fiverr Is a Great
Platform for You
Chapter 3: Getting Started with Fiverr
Chapter 4: Advertising and Finding
Chapter 5: Pricing, Schemes and
Customer Reviews
Chapter 6: Using Fiverr for Music/
Freelance Writing/ Designing
Chapter 7: Mistakes to Avoid On Fiverr
Important notes
Key highlights

The Internet is now a powerful platform
and goes beyond helping us seek
information and connect with friends and
loved ones. We can now earn a living
through the Internet, provided we go
about it the right way.
There are many ways in which you can
make money online, such as through
affiliate marketing, setting up online
shops, blogging, etc. But none of them are
as efficient as having a Gig on Fiverr.
Fiverr is a website that allows people to
pursue their passion and find work
based on their skills.


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