The Power Of Soft

Simon Angatia

Having spent decades negotiating deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds, Hilary Gallo realized that bullying behaviour rarely got him or his clients the outcomes they were looking for. Over the years he began to develop a new way of approaching negotiations – the power of soft – and soon found his work and home life getting richer. The power of soft started as a negotiation tactic and soon became a philosophy for life.

In life and in business we often mask our inner vulnerability by adopting a hard, unwavering, and ultimately ineffective approach. In *The Power of Soft*, Hilary Gallo proposes drawing our strength from our mental core, improving our power relative to any situation. He teaches us to see reality by looking past our judgments and preconceptions without letting go of what we're trying to achieve. Gallo pulls examples from the archives of human history – referencing everyone from Machiavelli to Butch Cassidy, F. Scott Fitzgerald to 007 – and draws on his own experience to show how we can all make use of the power of soft.

*The Power of Soft* perfects the art of balancing inner strength with a softer front, offering us an elegantly written and holistic piece of business literature in the style of Les McKeown and Malcolm Gladwell.

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